Church Choir

We are unusual in Foveran Parish Church to have a choir which sits at the back of the church, and a praise band at the front, leading the congregation’s singing from both ends of the sanctuary.

In the choir we have sopranos, contraltos and basses, who like nothing more than practising and perfecting praise items in harmony. That doesn’t just mean that we get on well together – which we do – but that the three parts sing different notes which blend together to give depth to the music.

Quite often the hymns we sing on Sundays are in unison, but there are many gems of 4-part hymns, and we are building up a repertoire of these which we hope to share with the congregation. We are pleased to be given opportunities to sing anthems, and to present special musical services during the church year. From time to time we sing for the residents at Balmedie Eventide Home, and would be happy to have an excuse to learn and perform songs at other locations too.

Contact Christine Fordyce (01358 789236).

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