Sunday School

We have many exciting activities available for children. The children stay in the church for the first 20 minutes or so of the service before being escorted to the Church Hall for Sunday School. They can then be picked up from the Hall after church.

Crèche – ages 0-2
The vestry of the main church has toys set up to accommodate babies during the service. The idea is that mums can take their baby/toddler in there if they feel they need to during the service. However, babies and toddlers are more than welcome to stay in the church for the whole service – we don’t mind a bit of noise!

Explorers – ages 3-11
Our Sunday Morning group has around twenty children on the roll. We have three dedicated teachers, all of whom are very enthusiastic. All have done Child Protection/Safeguarding courses and have up-to-date certificates. We also have additional assistance from some of the older youth group members. Here, children experience Christian teaching with memory verses and a mix of games and craft.

FAX – ages 11-15
FAX meet during the service in the wee room in the church hall for a mixture of silliness and fun and Christian teaching. There are around ten in the group and we have three teachers working on a rota. Members of FAX also regularly help with music, data projection, special services, and hospitality. They have a much loved annual weekend away at Teen Ranch in Tayside, and last year we had a group of nineteen people which included three over 18s who went as leaders for the first time.

Youth Group – ages S1 upward
This group is called YF and meets at Paula Hawthorn’s house on a Tuesday evening each week. In it our young people meet for bible study, prayer and friendship.

The Holiday Club
A children’s club is organised every year for a week of the summer holidays by adult and teenage volunteers. It has proved very popular and consequently is held in the larger Newburgh Public Hall to give more space for activities. Last year there were about fifty attendees in total, around twenty of whom were aged P5-P7 (an age group which often finds ‘more exciting’ things to do than come to church clubs), many of whom have never heard the Good News of Jesus.  Everyone had a great time – leaders included!


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