Sunday School

We have many exciting activities available for children. The children stay in the church for the first 20 minutes or so of the service before being escorted to the Church Hall for Sunday School. They can then be picked up from the Hall after church.

Crèche – ages 0-2
The vestry of the main church has toys set up to accommodate babies during the service. The idea is that mums can take their baby/toddler in there if they feel they need to during the service. However, babies and toddlers are more than welcome to stay in the church for the whole service – we don’t mind a bit of noise!

Explorers – ages 3-11
Children meet in the Church Hall and experience Christian teaching with memory verses and a mix of games and craft. We have two teachers working on a rota, both of whom are very enthusiastic.  Both are members of the PVG scheme.

FAX – ages 11-15
FAX meet during the service in the church hall for a mixture of silliness and fun and Christian teaching. We have two teachers working on a rota. Members of FAX also regularly help with music, data projection, special services, and hospitality.

The Holiday Club
A children’s club is organised every year for a week of the summer holidays by adult and teenage volunteers. Everyone has a great time – leaders included!  This year it’s Seaside Rock and will run in the Church Hall From Monday 12 August – Friday, 16 August from 10am – 12noon.  Parents can register their children at the start of the week, or on the first day they can attend.  Alternatively registration can be made in advance by emailing Pamela Sloan –

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