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A warm welcome to our Services at Holyrood Chapel, Foveran Parish Church

It can be daunting going to a church service for the first time or after having been away for a long while. We aim to make our Sunday services welcoming, understandable and open to all – whether you are a regular worshipper, haven’t been to church for years or perhaps have never been to a church. We are a growing, family-friendly church seeking to reach out to all people.

We hope the summary below helps explain a little of what you can expect to happen at any of our Sunday services.

What does a Sunday service look like?

Our 11 o’clock service usually finishes at noon.

During the service, church members have an opportunity to give money to the work of the Church worldwide (though many will do this through standing orders or by other online means), but as a newcomer, please do not feel obliged to do this – this is for people who call Foveran Parish Church their home church.

Twice a year we take bread and wine together to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ and what he’s done for us in his death and rising from the dead. This happens during a formal Communion service and at other times we do this  during a short, informal act of worship immediately following the 11 o’clock service.

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